Yesterday was Election Day. If you don’t like the…

Yesterday was Election Day. If you don’t like the winners, and you didn’t vote, you can’t complain!
I should say right now that this is NOT going to be some organized, erudite series of posts that people all over the world are going to clog the internet trying to read. Sometimes it will be funny. Sometimes it will be sad. Maybe it will make you angry. I just want to set down how I think and feel about things, some big, some little.
I had reasonably big plans this morning to write someting interesting (to me, anyway), but I find that I am now having to referee a skirmish between older son and daughter – he had a very skimpy dinner last night and asked for a snack this morning before school, so I let him have the last mini pepperoni roll. Which then daughter came downstairs, saw him eating it, and immediately cried FOUL because she didn’t have one. So now she is having my last yogurt (so much for my plans to eat better – every time I get something at the store to have for lunch while they are at school, they find it and cry to have it and I am such a softy I let them.
Here comes younger son….oh, he is hungry too! I don’t have children, I have stomachs with legs!
One day soon I will figure out how to put links to other important blogs and web pages on this blog….anyhow, I’m a Catholic nerd, and one way I know this is that I occasionally, when listening to the oldies radio station, think to myself, ‘that would be hymn-ish if you only changed a word her and there’ (and BTW, doing that would result in some better hymns to sing a the Novis Ordo than a lot of the dreck that’s out there now! Coming soon, some suggestions along these lines….

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