Last night my two boys and I ran some errands afte…

Last night my two boys and I ran some errands after delivering The Obnoxious Bridal Gown to the store for whom I do contract work (more on that later, perhaps), and stopped at the grocery store to get something quick to fix for dinner, as all I had fish-wise at home was frozen tilapia and bay scallops, and I didn’t really feel like starting a big dinner at 7 in the evening….so we ended up in the frozen food aisle and the boys got mac and cheese dinners; I got some veggie eggrolls and stuffed wontons – as we were pushing the cart back up the aisle on the way to the checkout, around the corner comes a family from Our Previous Parish (herinafter abbreviated as OPP) – one of the kids had been in (bad) CCD with my older son, and the mother and I had been both on the hospitality ministry and had worked the bake sale at the annual fish fry… it isn’t like they didn’t know us. Anyway, we get this barely visible smile, no words, just an expression like the Mona Lisa (where you aren’t wuite sure if the person is really smiling or just wants you to think that so you can say later, oh I saw so-and-so at the store, blah blah). Well, that was fine – since we have NOT been at Mass in OPP for close to 4 months now, and as yet NOBODY has asked me where have we been (all the more weird since I have been going to the RCIA as a mentor/discussion helper person).
So we are in the checkout line, and I am thinking I should know the people in front of us when the woman turns around and smiles this BIG HUGE SMILE and says “Hello! How are you all?” and her husband greets the boys, congratulating my older son on his being invested as an altar boy – this couple is from Our New Parish (ONP). Anyway we had a nice little visit in the checkout line, and her parting words to me were ‘see you on Sunday!’
I’m really trying to see the hand of God in all things, and I believe that this was one of those ‘signal graces’ that you get to confirm (or deny) sometimes that you are on the right track as far as being in the Will of God. And as an added advantage, we don’t have to sing any more silly hymns.
It isn’t that I don’t like contemporary music, it’s just that a lot of the things we used to sing at OPP were more in praise of us rather than in praise of God, who in His all-knowing Goodness brought us to the TRUTH (which has been diluted in some places till it is nearly unrecognizable).
On EWTN if you watch the daily Mass (Sundays too) there will be two MFVA brothers who, when the congregation kneels for the consecration, PROSTRATE themselves before the altar (which is what we ought to be doing, in our hearts if not in reality).


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