There are so many things on which to rant! Someti…

There are so many things on which to rant! Sometimes it’s so hard to decide, that I just don’t do anything. Yesterday evening, for instance, instead of posting something here, I decided to become a little better informed about what’s going on with the gay-rights agenda (an issue that really pushes my buttons). It is entirely within the realm of the possible that in my lifetime it will become dangerous, if not illegal, to proclaim faith in Jesus Christ, and to call homosexual acts mortally sinful (I think the term the CCC uses is ‘gravely disordered’), as well as being outspoken about the sanctity of all human life, to actively advocate that marriage be once and for all defined as between a man and a woman. I’m really beginning to have the creepy-crawlies over the word ‘tolerance’ and the mention of the term ‘diversity’ sets my teeth on edge. I mean, we are supposed to be ‘tolerant’ and ‘respectful’ of those persons, or groups of persons, who continually go on and on about how hedonism is the way to go, there is no objective morality, the only ethics are situational ones, and so on ad infinitum et nauseam, and if we aren’t, and stick to our moral guns, we are guilty of discrimination, ‘hate’ crimes, etc. And yet when the liberals blast those of us who defend traditional values and morals, the usual response is ‘well, they ought not to be imposing their views on others in the first place.’ It is almost beyond my powers of comprehension.

On Friday, we went with the local Catholic homeschoolers’ group to Shinnston, WV to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at the Bl. Margaret of Castello Perpetual Adoration Chapel there. Now, this town is TINY. And it is relatively POOR, even for West Virginia. And West Virginia doesn’t have a tremendous number of Catholics to begin with. But the people of St. Ann’s parish made this happen. And it is BEAUTIFUL! It’s the closest you’ll ever get to sitting in the lap of Our Lord while you’re alive. Think about it…in a tiny, mountain-surrounded coal town in North Central West Virginia, you can go 24/7/365 and sit, just like Mary did (you remember her, Martha and Lazarus’ sister, who was meditating on Our Lord’s words while Martha was trying to find enough plates and cups to go around, all the while not letting the rice scorch), at the feet of Jesus and talk to Him (and He will talk to you, too, if you listen). About ANYTHING! He doesn’t care if you have fancy words, or lofty theological language, or any words at all. He just wants you to come. And if you want, you can take paper and pen and listen, and write what He puts in your heart.

Hopefully this blog will start looking a little better – I think I have figured out how to fancy it up a little. Until next time, pax et bonum!


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  1. And to think that this tiny Perpetual Adoration Chapel, this sacred gem of our Lord’s Blessed Physical Presence, is kept company 24/7/365 by Catholics & non-Catholic alike! Jesus is truly drawing all men to Himself!