Here’s looking at you! Don’t I look fabulous? This…

Here’s looking at you! Don’t I look fabulous? This was taken at a pool party in August 2005 – but the only thing that’s changed is that I’ve gotten new glasses (and I’m a year older, duh).

Here it is, the day before Thanksgiving and I’m playing around on the internet….I do have much to be thankful for, though. I’m REALLY thankful to have found a new parish – that’s why this blog is titled Eastward, Catholic Soldiers! We are, after all, soldiers in the Church Militant – and it’s ever so much easier to serve in the Army of the Lord when your company commander (i.e. parish priest) is devoted to the cause and your fellow soldiers are as dedicated as you ought to be about eventually earning the Ultimate Honorable Discharge. My former unit wasn’t like that hardly at all….I really did try to stay as long as I could, but it got SO depressing, seeing priests come and go, and efforts at increasing devotion to Our Lord and the saints get pushed further and further into the background until finally there really wasn’t much left except a ‘community’ of mostly-wealthy people who were, I guess, too attached to each other to root out the scandal and restore the Truth. It was very sad. So, after much prayer, friends introduced me to the Eastern Church (coming soon – the number of times Byzantine Catholics pray for the Pope during Divine Liturgy)! Wow! Talk about Heaven on Earth! If that’s what it’s like in Heaven, I sure don’t think I’ll ever get tired of singing Holy, Holy, Holy from now until ages of ages, AMEN!


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