While reading a review of The Defender (here) on P…

While reading a review of The Defender (here) on PetersNet, I noticed that they noted that it was suspected that Call to Action had “hijacked” the Ninth Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. That particular editorial having vanished from the Defender’s pages, I emailed the editor and asked if he could try to find it for me. It interests me because a lot of the stuff going on in my former parish (St. Luke the Evangelist in Morgantown) is right up CTA’s alley. More on that later. And Mr. Fitz is trying to find that editorial for me. Meanwhile, ByzCat wrote to Bob Heineman, the CTA Resources Developer, and said: “Hi! Could you please let me know of anyone in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, WV who can link me to local Call to Action groups/activities?? Thanks! (here she put her real name).

Mr. Heineman kindly responded: “Two wonderful folks for you to talk with. Pat Obenauf (address, phone and email provided in original email) and Daniel Caron (same contact info listed for him). We do not have a formal chapter in the area. The two above folks can help you to ‘plug in’ to activities. There are a number of members in your area. Would you consider being one of the organizers of a new WV branch or chapter? There is a chapter in Pittsburgh. – Bob H.

Well, you all should know that ByzCat is definitely NOT CTA material! She and her family rescued me from the modernist sea that is St. Luke the Evangelist – she homeschools, practices attachment parenting, is married to a REALLY WONDERFUL and GODLY man, has five (so far) beautiful children, is active in all kinds of prolife activities including the Face the Truth Tour, and is the quintessential Proverbs 31 woman.

So I guess instead of trying to tear apart the Church in West Virginia from the outside, openly, as they have tried in other places, CTA is attempting to be the ‘rotten apple’ and spoil it subversively from the inside.

Shame on you, Mr. Heineman! Shame on you too, Ms Obenauf and Mr. Caron! Ms Obenauf is very active in her parish, St. John’s (the RC presence at WVU). I Googled Mr. Caron but no luck.


Papa Ben’s Secretary of State is on record as saying that dissidents are worse than atheists!

And with Cardinal Re recently upholding Bp. Bruskewitz’ excommunication of CTA and other dissident groups, their daring in not only admitting to a presence in another diocese but in actually promoting invovement is nothing short of galling.

I personally would love to see other bishops follow the lead of Bishop Bruskewitz and do some serious temple-cleansing. Folks, the Church (at least the NO) is in a SORRY state! One bishop willing to fully live out his role as ‘chief pastor and shepherd’ is NOT enough! Our Lord warned us that, not only would the faithful be persecuted and reviled because of Him, but that some would come after Him ‘teaching false doctrines’ and perversions of the Truth. St. Paul and St. John both wrote such in their canonical letters.

Further updates as they come in…..

Remember, pray for at least two priests today – I’m praying for Fr. John DiBacco, of St. Mary’s RC Church in Star City, WV (needs intercession of St. John Vianney), and Fr. Pete Giannamore of St. Mary’s in Petersburg, WV (one of my favorite priests).

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