The Byzantine Dominican (here) only has 3 posts on…

The Byzantine Dominican (here) only has 3 posts on the front page, but all of them are worth a read.

It occurred to me the other night, if the Ironic Catholic’s kiddos are chic(s), and I’m an EC, would that make my kiddos chec(s)? And when they don’t understand something I have just told them in plain English, they would then be blank checs?

If all three of them are invited to different social occasions on the same day, is the youngest therefore a third-party chec?

Jumping on a trampoline: bounced checs

Sleeping in a seemingly anatomically impossible configuration: rubber checs

ByzCat’s kiddos on a sleepover or playdate: guest checs

Displaying a typical (for them) aversion to umbrellas: rain chec

Anybody got any others?

I got up at 1:30 this morning, intending to awaken oldest sleeping chec to come outside and view the Quadrantid meteor shower (when moon & clouds don’t interfere, supposedly one can see 100+ meteors per hour). When we went to bed at 9 p.m. the sky was nearly perfectly clear – I went out to check the view before getting him out of bed and ARRGH! the only thing visible besides the clouds was the FULL MOON, directly overhead, and so bright it was casting shadows. Needless to say we’ll have to try again in April (the name of that one escapes me for the moment).


One response to “The Byzantine Dominican (here) only has 3 posts on…

  1. I was laughing out loud reading the first post on the Byz Dominican! But hey, fair IS fair! Regarding chec(s), we’re switching rites and my kids will also be EC, though more specifically UC (Ukrainian Catholic). Yes, they are soon to become…chuc(s). “Chec” this out…Our minivan: chuc wagon. Taking pictures: “chuc-ee, cheese!” Pointing to the stairwell as I send one of them up to their room for a time-out, “Up, chuc!”…now there’s a pleasant thought…