Oooh, my first meme!

I was tagged by Carolina Cannonball with the weird things meme….. the Rules: People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things as well as stating this rule clearly! Three people need to be tagged and their names listed. Finally a comment needs to be left on each tagged person’s blog…

So here goes –

1. when I lace my shoes, the laces have to be perfectly untwisted and a mirror image from the left shoe to the right shoe. I was forced to do this in Basic Training (Army) and just never stopped.

2. my favorite place to kiss the checs is on their noses. I also like to smell them (the checs themselves).

3. I am currently writing a book about how Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami), Gil Grissom (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and Mack Taylor (CSI: NY) exemplify the cardinal and theological virtues.

4. I have cooked breakfast for both Clint Eastwood and Tom Clancy. I got to have coffee with Mr. Clancy.

5. I wear a diamond solitaire ring in order to not get asked out on a date. It’s made from my mother’s engagement ring (the other two diamonds in the ring I had made into earrings).

6. I can usually compose a short poem about anything at all, and most of the time they are funny!

I’m tagging the Catholic Caveman,

and a mom of the Catholic stripe….

For my third victim, AHA!! this subject

is just FraudWasteAbuse‘s type!!

2 responses to “Oooh, my first meme!

  1. Oh dear! I have been tagged, lol! I will get on this as soon as I can!

  2. how did you manage to cook for Mr. Eastwood & Mr. Clancy?