Out of the closet…..

and into Protestant chapels.  Gregorian Chant, that is.  ByzCat told me about the Lutheran campus chapel holding Compline, in Latin, on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week.  So the checs and I went, last night, because they really do need to be exposed to their REAL Catholic heritage (and believe me I am very disgusted that I could only get it for them in a Protestant church).

We were greeted very warmly by the Lutheran campus minister, a youngish man in a Roman collar (in fact there were four collars in evidence last night – I know one of them was the Episcopal pastor and the other two I was not introduced to – but NONE of them were Catholic).  The Hour was celebrated quite nicely, although it was sort of sad that the Lutheran pastor placed a censer before the ‘altar’ of the chapel, upon which rests a tabernacle and a perpetually lit candle – we didn’t make the mistake of reverencing this, as it cannot be Jesus in there since the Lutherans have no valid Orders.  Afterwards, since the Hour was not concluded with the traditional antiphon to the Blessed Virgin, the checs and I went out to the chapel steps and sang the Salve Regina (so as not to disturb the people still in the chapel).  this of course thoroughly amazed the Lutheran minister, and caused us to be invited back. He thought we were members of a Tridentine Latin Mass community and was very surprised when I told him we are Byzantines who love Latin and the Traditions of the Church.

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  1. you someone I want to invite to dinner. 🙂

    I am working on a dinner party meme. I’ll post the link when I finish.

  2. Susan Peterson

    You know how the Orthodox say they know where the Church is, but not where it is not? Well we know where the Eucharist is, but not where it is not.
    “No valid orders” means that a certain guaranteed plan God gave us to ensure His presence has not been followed. But God Himself is not bound by His plan and can come to visit the Lutherans if He wants to…and don’t you think He would? I myself genuflect to the tabernacle in my husband’s Anglican church. The worship is meant for Him and He knows it; if I am mistaken and He is not there, He will still know it is for Him.

    I am a Latin rite Catholic since 1972 (before that Episcopalian for 9 months, before that, a pagan,atheist, unbeliever.) For the last year and a half I have been attending a Byzantine rite church.(my husband and I go to both my church and his every Sunday.) I didn’t really choose East over West, just beauty and dignity over …well, you know. But I have come to love the Litugy of St. John C.

    Susan Peterson