I should be on the way to bed, but….

this evening was the first time I went anywhere without both the checs and the dec…..grocery shopping.  Went to the local co-op to get brewer’s yeast and wheat germ with which to back organic anti-flea dog cookies tomorrow, then off to Giant Eagle for a cart-full of goodies for us humans.  When I got home (BTW, gec {grandmother of Eastern Catholics} was watching the aforementioned checs), dec went berserk, leaping and dancing like I’d been gone a week.  It was absolutely amazing.  There truly has to be something more than coincidence in the fact that ‘dog’ spelled backwards is ‘God.’  All those jokes floating around the internet about dogs being a reflection of His unconditional love for us, I think there may be something to that.  Mercy thinks I’m #1 whether or not I’m having a good hair day, or wearing designer clothes….she doesn’t care that I’m practically middle-aged and still have a few pimples.  She ignores my ingrown toenails, my ragged cuticles (job hazard of working with fabric all day – hands perpetually dry as the Sahara desert).  She just loves me.  Now if I can just keep that in mind when I think of how God loves me, maybe I will improve a bit in the holiness department.  And as soon as I get some film in the camera (having not the technology yet to transfer them from my phone to the blog) I will post a picture so everyone can see how very fortunate we are to be her humans.


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