I’m in from the back 40….

and the garden is in!  Somewhere in one of my previous posts there is a photo of my house.  My garden is in the side yard (in the spot where a maple tree used to be, that the homeowner’s insurance guy made us remove because it was hanging over the roof).

This year I have 6 Beefsteak tomato plants (organic seed from the WVU greenhouse), a Tiny Tim cherry tomato plant in a big pot, 4 hills of Crimson Sweet watermelon (2 hills of purchased seed, 2 of saved seed from last year’s melon – 17 pounds), 3 rows of Kentucky Wonder pole beans, and 6 rows of Silver Queen corn.  that may not sound like much but I plant really tight so I don’t have to weed as much.  I have a freezer now so I put in more stuff.

Oh, and I have a lavender plant, and a little herb garden in a pot, with sage, basil and chives.  Plus mint by the back steps (thanks ByzCat!).

I put marigolds all around the tomato plants (saved seed from last year’s, which were grown from saved seed).  I don’t put any yukky stuff on my plants.  I use Miracle Gro once or twice until things really get established and then I just let them rip.  But no insecticide or anything.  I have a real love for standing in the garden with a salt shaker, eating a fresh tomato, and it’s a pain to have to take it over to the hose to wash it off first.

Other growing things include volunteer columbines by the driveway, some iris that may be big enough to bloom next year, pussy willows that I rooted in water (from Flowery Sunday), tulips (25 planted 3 years ago, 51 blooms this year), and garlic (Planted on a whim last year; I should dig one up to see if it is big enough to use yet – I just stuck cloves from the store in the ground, ha ha!).


One response to “I’m in from the back 40….

  1. I, too, enjoy eating tomatoes fresh from the garden! (while still in the garden, in the warmth of the sun!) Trouble is…so do the children! This means that not a single cherry tomato ever makes it past the maple in the back yard & in to the house! ;o) Those stalks of rhubarb seem to be “suspiciously” disappearing as well…love to see the tart expression on the children’s face when they munch those! Especially SE & AV!