Once again, with feeling!

OK, we’re trying the dog thing again.  I think this time we have a keeper.  Allow me to introduce Elijah Seraphim, “Eli” for short.  He is some kind of a mutt, we think perhaps Boston Terrier and something.  He’s brindle with 2 white stockings on his front legs.  He behaved very well at Petco today, accompanying me and 2 of the chics (oldest chic is at camp this week) on a shopping trip to purchase a harness, a portable kennel for camping, and a raincoat.  He is mainly girlchic’s doggy.

In other news, the garden is off and running.  There are blooms on 2 of the watermelon vines; I cannot count the tomatoes.  Beans are climbing their strings and I can see the beginning of buds – yay!  The corn is nearly up to my thighs (it was knee-high on June 6).  I also have herbs – basil, anise, thyme, rosemary, oregano, cilantro and lavender.  Oh, and hyssop, peppermint and spearmint in the flower bed by the back door.

I thought of something quite profound last night at around 11 p.m. on which to write, but of course my train of thought has been derailed several times since then.  I only remember that it had to do with the gnostic traditionalism article in the new issue of NOR.  Rats!

One response to “Once again, with feeling!

  1. No doubt your late night profound thoughts will return & you will once again be able to enlighten the masses on the blogosphere about it! At least, I do hope you will! ;o)