First, the garden. I took the first tomato to church last weekend and gave it to my priest – I’ve been doing that since the first year I had a garden. I’ve got whitefly on the tomato plants, and just spraying with water wasn’t getting the job done, so I had to go spring for some insecticidal soap which I hope will kill the little buggers. They don’t hurt the fruits but they sure make the plants look pitiful!

I have beans. I don’t know how many because I haven’t picked yet, but as I was pulling some weeds last night I noticed at least two so I will pick this evening.

The corn is REALLY TALL! I have tassels, and ears forming, some of which have silks already!

I took a big chance this year and planted very early for my climate zone – the gardening people say the last frost date in these parts is the end of April/middle of May…..and I put the tomatoes in on May 7, and everything else got planted on the 13th of May. The corn was up to my knees shortly after June 4 – almost a month ahead of ‘schedule’!

Herbs are growing like gangbusters. I’ve made pesto several times, putting in pecans instead of pinenuts (guess that makes it southern-style pesto 😉 I use the oregano and thyme quite often, and the rosemary is unbelievably tasty on baked potatoes and pork roast. Also I’ve put in some hyssop, black peppermint, and lemon mint in the flower bed with the spearmint that ByzCat gaveme last year.

Now for other things…..

I’m delighted with both B16’s motu proprio and his statement that all the confusion about the statements in the documents of V2 about the ‘Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church ‘ being just that – confusion, and that we Catholics really do, after all, belong to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. But honestly I don’t think either of those things are going to make much difference to the average LR Catholic, and probably not to the NO Catholics who need these documents the most. It seems to me that many Catholics have gotten very used to having their faith on their own terms, and what do they care that now any priest can celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum?

The thing is, you can’t have faith on your own terms, because then it’s not faith, it’s pride at the very least, and idolatry of self at the worst. The 6th Chapter of St. John’s Gospel makes that clear. Faith on one’s own terms is why there are Protestants. It’s worse than a cafeteria, in my mind….it’s more like going to Texas Roadhouse (a casual steak-and-fixins restaurant) and loudly proclaiming that you are vegan and you’re going to start a boycott of all Texas Roadhouse restaurants everywhere because there are no real vegan choices on their menu. Or going to a Byzantine Divine Liturgy, where the entire service is chanted without instrumental accompaniment (and you’ll never hear Amazing Grace and its like), then complaining about the music. (Some readers will know I didn’t make that example up).

Back to the motu proprio – what do I think it will mean for Catholics in my neck of the woods? Well, first of all, there is only one parish church left in town with a high altar intact – the university parish. And it’s a stronghold of several very liberal and ‘progressive’ groups of lay Catholics. So I don’t think there will be a Tridentine Mass there any time soon, although there is a newly-ordained priest there who might be receptive to the idea if properly approached…..and the other three parish churches, having been constructed during the heyday of ‘modern’ church architecture, render even a Low Mass nearly impossible because of the floor plan and other details:

St. Luke the Evangelist – no altar rail, chairs on 3 sides with the Sanctuary the 4th side of the square, choir at the front of the nave. However, there is enough room between the top step and the front of the altar for a priest to celebrate ad orientem if desired.

St. Francis de Sales – no altar rail, Tabernacle not even in the nave but in a separate chapel, seating in the round so that 25% of the parishioners at any given Mass have their backs to the Tabernacle, no altar steps (in fact the nave is rather like a bowl with the Sanctuary at the bottom 😦 ).

St. Mary’s – no altar rail. but the Sanctuary steps are wide enough for parishioners to kneel upon them to receive, and there’s room in front of the altar here as well, for celebrating ad orientem. Tabernacle is in a separate chapel, but at least it’s at the east end of the nave, next to the Sanctuary. There’s a picture in a previous post, from Advent 2006….


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