Look at this!

The Nave

This is a view down the aisle of the model church that the checs built this summer, out of an office storage box, popsicle sticks, Sculpey, toothpicks and other assorted items.

The Ceiling

Here’s the ceiling.

Interior #1 And this is the interior, looking towards the East. If you like, you can hop over to


and see the real church.

Here are two more views of the interior, showing the icons on the walls and other neat features:

Interior #2Interior #3

The music there at the edge of the cantor’s balcony is actually the sheet music for a setting of the Cherubic Hymn, shrunk very small. The iconostasis includes all the icons that we have, and the icons on the walls are the same as the ones in the real church. The tetrapod is a dollhouse end table; the Holy Tables are medicine boxes. The roof even has an onion dome made from a section of egg carton, complete with two Three-Barred Crosses (made of twisties), one on the dome and the other over the Sanctuary.

By the way, the checs got an A+, and it’s currently on display at church for our annual Slavic Food Fest.

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!


3 responses to “Look at this!

  1. Were I a miniature person…I’d be thrilled to attend the mini-St. Mary’s Holy Protection Byzantine Catholic Church you’ve all constructed! Slava Isusu Christu! Slava Na Viki indeed! :o)

  2. interesting post!

  3. wow! very cool! great project.