I wonder….

upon which planet the reader Matt has been residing…..yes, there are Roman bishops permitting, yes, even encouraging, diaphanously-clad females prancing about the sanctuary and nave during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I envy you your obviously wonderful and rubrically correct parish and diocese.  Now tell my other readers where it is so the Romans who don’t feel called to the Eastern Churches can move there!

(Everyone laugh now)


2 responses to “I wonder….

  1. Ignorant Redneck

    How about—

    St. Martin of Tours in Louisville KY? Very reverent liturgies, in both the Ordinary form and Extraordinary form. Smells, Bells, Chant from the Graduale. Liturgy done according to the rubrics, preaching in accord with the Teachings of the Catholic Faith.

    Not all Latin Rite parishes and people are crypto schismatic heretics, just like not all Eastern Rite parishes and people are arrogant and supeior about their liturgical traditions and practices.

    Don’t laugh at my Rite, please, because I have seen some strange things, and heard some strange things, in Eastern Rite churches.

  2. Well, here are the ones I know personally:
    St John Cantius – Chicago
    Shrine of Christ the King – Chicago
    St Peter’s – Volo, IL
    St Agnes – St Paul, MN
    St Thomas More, Chicago, IL
    Immaculate Conception – Jax, FL
    Every other parish run by the Institute of Christ the King