This Old House…..

Somewhere in a previous post there is a picture of my house. A large Victorian house. It is drafty, it has a weird floor plan, it sits oddly on its lot, but it is home. I recently hired a painter to patch cracked plaster and paint the entry hall, stairwell, and upstairs hallway…..he says he will be finished tomorrow afternoon. The cracks are gone, and I can squint and visualize the way it’s going to look….right now the walls and ceiling are a sort of ivory color, but the walls will be a color called Imagine (Sherwin-Williams #6009) and the ceilings will be white. I’m making new window treatments for a window on the second landing (which, as you can see it from the front door, needed something spiffy) in navy iridescent taffeta – two rod pocket panels overlaid with three swags trimmed in navy tassel fringe. “Glass curtains” under the taffeta in white lace. I also need to do something special for the front door which has a big glass in it, and the transom above it. And yes, photos will be posted.

(Several weeks later) photos still not available, being forgetful about purchasing film.  Anyone who wants to buy me a nice digital camera drop me a comment, ha ha!  But I did get the front door re-dressed, and additionally have painted the downstairs bathroom and Friday will paint my ‘fitting room’.  Boring white, unfortunately.  Then on to the kitchen, which is transmogrifying from green and yellow to red, black and white.


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