Well, whaddya know…..

cash advance

I suspected as much, but it’s always nice to be sure!

Hope everyone had a thoroughly wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sure did.  Everything on the menu went over very well, and we spent a cozy evening in front of the TV watching no football.  I finally got to watch “Rocky V” and was disappointed with the ending.  They shoulda quit while they were ahead, at #4.  I’m glad I skipped it when it was in theaters!

The possible guests neither showed up nor sent their regrets, so I can only hope they are inexcusably rude, rather than hopelessly lost somewhere driving around in circles looking for my rather obscure and hard-to-find address.  Although I must admit I am a bit peeved at my neighbor across the street – an impoverished college student who evidently preferred dormitory food to my home-cooked Turkeypalooza.  He’s an engineering major, so perhaps that explains it.  (I am permitted to poke fun at engineers, as I am the daughter of a civil engineer).

I must do several things today:  pay bills, do laundry, clean my room, and clean off my desk.  I spent the morning sorting laundry and doing the next two week’s lesson plans for school. (Just remembered, also must file receipts…..the stack on top of the file cabinet  teeters precariously whenever the furnace comes on)


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