There will be a momentary delay

in the commencement of the GMSCP, as my kitchen will be unusable next week.  My mom is getting me a new kitchen floor, and I have to take everything out of the kitchen except the stove (the wonderful contractors are moving and replacing that, thanks be to God) and are arriving on Tuesday morning to start.  Add to that the fact that I have to get the kitchen ceiling painted before the new floor is laid and you can see I will have no time for making sugar cake.

This has made clear several things to me, most of all that I have entirely too much stuff in my kitchen.  However, it will give me the impetus to move the homeschooling bookshelf to the kitchen, as the dry sink is going either to the garbage or to the basement and I will have room for the shelf in the kitchen.  That, in turn, opens up more space in the icon corner for more comfortable praying by all of us (we are currently scrunching ourselves into a tiny space and it is quite non-prayerful).  So this is a blessing in disguise.  And one of these days I will post pictures.  A new roll of film is on the shopping list for this weekend.  Have to do ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of the kitchen, although ByzCat could tell you it’s pretty grotty at the moment – yellow walls, green woodwork and dark red peel-n-stick tile floor.  Ick.

So – “please excuse the mess as we remodel to serve you better!”


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