Road Conditions

As I write this, waiting for the pasta water to boil, I am looking out my dining room window at……snow.  Snow on the ground, snow falling from the sky, snow in the sky in a holding pattern waiting for its chance to make the journey down to the already-covered ground… get the idea.  And I have no winter boots, having given my old ones to older boychec.

Monday evening while girlchec and older boychec were in karate class, a couple of the other moms and I were talking about the general state of the roads that morning – it was bitter cold and some of the streets were kind of slickish.  There was the usual complaining about each of the moms’ particular street being the last one to be treated in bad weather, and then we got to talking about main roads.  I’d had an appointment in a little town about 30 miles south of here, and the shortest route is over a windy State highway…..about halfway there you cross the county line.  I commented that I’d had to really be careful about the roads in our county, but that once I crossed that county line it was like being in another country, since the roads had been salted and cindered to within an inch of their lives.

Now, this other county is small, and very rural, and for the most part poverty-stricken.  And most people in our area know that.  So one of the other moms, after hearing this pronouncement, said “well, how hard could it be for them to keep their roads clear, there are probably only two roads in the whole county anyway”

I nearly fell out of my chair.  It’s probably not as funny to you, but it sure was highly amusing at the time.

The snow is falling as if it will never stop.  I have reserved a decision about karate this afternoon until 15 minutes before we have to leave. I mean, I do have all-wheel-drive (yay Subaru!) but I don’t want to be stupid.


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