Proof you probably have more money than sense!

I got a catalog in the mail today from The Silver Queen, which sells all kinds of sterling silver stuff, estate china and so forth.  For your amusement, here is a (partial) listing of some of the more…..unusual….items they offer in the current catalog:

An anti-tarnish storage bag for sterling Christmas ornaments.

A silver-plated “Duckie” clock.

Sterling baby toothbrush, boxes for the tooth fairy and for the first curl.

A sterling baby food pusher (for mom to push the food on the baby’s plate to encourage the baby to feed himself).

Sterling grape shears, pill boxes, bookmarks.

Sterling tomato server, bon-bon server, gumbo soup spoon, lemon server, sardine server, lettuce fork/spoon, mustard ladle, asparagus server, macaroni server, pea server, and strawberry fork.

Yeah, right.  Like I am going to serve sardines at every formal dinner so I need a sardine server.  Actually the macaroni, asparagus, and pea servers are so pretty I’d want to frame them in a shadow box and hang them on my wall.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget the corn on the cob butter applicator, the tea strainer, cheese grater, fish serving set, lasagna server, and the scalloped potato server!

Can you imagine…..the table set with your finest china and crystal, your best damask tablecloth, and the guests arrive to find they’re being fed – corn on the cob!  (But you have sterling butter applicators!)

Oh, wow.  Surely people can think of better ways to spend their money than $499.00 for an asparagus server.

Go check the website if you think I’m joking.  To borrow a line from Dave Barry, I swear I’m not making this up!


One response to “Proof you probably have more money than sense!

  1. How is it that folks can afford that but not more children than 1.9 per fam…

    Oh wait, can’t have stirling silver asparagus dishes if you have three kids.

    Hope they can take it with them.