You gotta see this

Over at Per Christum, there’s a snappy little video you just must watch.  It isn’t Gregorian polyphony, it’s not even prostopinije, it’s…….the Nicean Blues.


3 responses to “You gotta see this

  1. prostopinije? How’s come I had not stumbled on this venerable blog before. Now that I know you are “nac” (ours), this Greek Catholic will be checking in frequently!

    Eparchy of Parma here, you?

  2. Slava Isusu Christu! The checs and I are in the Pittsburgh Metropolia……St. Mary’s Holy Protection, Morgantown, WV. Our new pastor came to us from the Parma Eparchy – he’s Fr. Michael Huszti from Cleveland. I do hope you’ll be a regular visitor!

  3. Love the lines about the “fundamental fairy tale of which I’m getting bored” & “under the same management since 33 A.D”…there is hope for modern music yet!!