Is it possible….

to spin yarn from dryer lint?

And, is it possible that this blog is being read only by extremely introverted web-surfers, or people without fingers with which to type a comment? Or perhaps by people who cannot for the life of themselves figure out just what is the point of this blog?

There really isn’t an actual point. I sometimes need to rant, or rave, or share things with the world in general, and as I don’t have the income to buy a full-page ad in the New York Times, I blog. And even then I don’t post everything I’d like to. Some things cross the lines of charity, and I don’t want to seem whiny or cross. Even though I am often exactly those things.

Truth is, when you’re a work-at-home business owner/single parent/homeschooler/traditionalist Byzantine Catholic/way-to-the-right-politically conservative, you tend not to have the world’s widest circle of friends. I have been toying with the idea of trying to get some sort of Bible study or prayer group meeting at my house for years, but everyone I know is too busy. And I’m not really interested in being ecumenical – I mean, it’s fine if non-Catholics would want to come, but I wouldn’t want to de-Catholic it so as not to offend. Pshaw, if they got offended it would probably be guilt because they know the Catholic Church is where the Truth is, and they are too chicken/afraid of losing all their so-called friends/having too much fun sneaking to Communion in Catholic Churches where nobody knows them to convert.

I just had a lightbulb moment…..we interrupt this rant, which has interrupted the Christmas Carol Quiz, for the immediately following post…..

One response to “Is it possible….

  1. It is possible, I am told to spin yarn from shiba fur… But the day I want to wear a sweater made out of my dog’s hair, I need to get some help.

    I thought commercially, dryer lint was recycled for things like packing blankets as lining.

    Could be wrong – I often am. Happy new year.