This is a test…

Biker chec

This is younger boychec sitting on a $60K Harley.  I took this picture with my phone.  Unfortunately there was no one willing to take my picture sitting in the sweet little ’67 Stingray that was also in the showroom where this was taken!


5 responses to “This is a test…

  1. Hate to tell you this…but this little boychec (whose name means “warrior”) looks very much at home on this hog…watch out, ma! ;o) It’s no big deal, really…so long as he has a cassock blowin’ in wind behind him as he rides…! (+Jesus+ beads & the Theotokos at his side)

  2. Happy Birthday a day late! Good looking bike, too!

  3. So sorry I was late for a very important date – YOUR BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a happy one!!

  4. $60K? What kinda trunk space does that thing have?

    I better be able to move a couch with it for that price!

    And I have to echo ByzCat’s sentiment… He looks a little too natural on that thing… Watch out!

  5. Yeah, we’ve taken to calling him the biker priest….I imagine he’ll end up asking for a substitute for his parish in order to go to Sturgis or Daytona someday!