When I came downstairs to fix lunch a while ago, I was treated to the sight of Eli asleep on girlchec’s bed. I was going to take a photo, but then realized that he was snoozing on an unmade bed – and that’s not very photogenic. So I’ll wait. Perhaps he will arrange himself attractively on a more suitable surface later.

Then older boychec wished me a happy birthday as we sat down to the table – to which I responded “yesterday was my birthday, so you’re late.” He said “oh, but you can continue the celebration for several days” so I guess I’m one step closer to sanctity – I have a postfestive of my birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, I got some very nice gifts. The Birthday Elf left a beautiful pair of leather gloves at my door – to replace the old ones that Eli tasted into oblivion – and I got Dove chocolates, gourmet cheese and crackers, and licorice. My mom brought dinner – KFC and tiramisu, complete with numeral candles (the tiramisu, not the KFC).

Younger boychec (the future biker priest, ha ha) has been going around singing all week, alternating between “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen” and the antiphon from the last night of Pilgrimage 2007…..”O Jesus, Lover of Mankind, have mercy on us.” It is much more beautiful when sung.

I have yet to finish wrapping gifts….we went very non-commercial this year and there isn’t much to wrap, but I have a couple of things for my mom that have to be packaged up, plus the things for the checs’ stockings. There is no tree, there being temporarily no place for one due to the remodeling of my kitchen.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I’ve been surfing around a bunch of blogs, trying to figure out what makes a traffic-worthy blog and cogitating on how to keep this one interesting and fun (to me) while making it link-worthy (to you). Seems to me that blogs of mostly original material have less traffic than blogs of links to other sites and commentary on same. So maybe I need more links. Or I need to be more original. Or perhaps I just need to quit worrying about the traffic and just post?

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  1. Sounded like a nice birthday…hope you are enjoying the postfestive day as well! Glad the birthday elf knew you needed those gloves! ;o) Oooh, tiramisu…I have a great (& fairly easy) recipe for that from one of the older Milauski girls – apparently passed on to her from “an old Italian grandma” – you must try it sometime!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday from a fellow Decemberite

    Came here from Robinella’s