Happy New Year!


The above picture is a ‘before’ look at my kitchen….I originally took this shot to take to the paint store when I purchased the paint, as I was afraid I would not be able to explain how very dark the green is, as well as the precisely nauseous shade of yellow. Apologies to all of you with yellow and green kitchens by choice. I realized I simply had to do something about a year ago, when I had an entire bridal party in for fittings and as it happened, their dresses exactly matched the green of my kitchen. Alfred Angelo 2006 Sage green.

So….I collected paint chips, I thought, I pondered, and I finally settled on a color scheme I really like. Red, white and black. See below:


This is not the same corner, and it’s not a fantastic picture but I think you see and get the idea. The yellow is all white….the cabinets and door and window trim were green and they will be white as well. The green beadboard wainscoting is red, and the white chair rail is black. Formerly there was a dark red peel-n-stick vinyl tile floor, and it is now (thanks a million mom) solid vinyl commercial floor tile in black.

We’re going back to school tomorrow….I think the checs are as ready for it as I am. I heard a few noises about them looking forward to the new semester as I was finishing up our New Years’ dinner earlier this afternoon. We’ll also be back to martial arts, in the dojo’s new location. And in a couple of days I’ll be able to show you pictures of the new prayer shawl I’m working on for my mom – same pattern as before because it’s easy, works up quickly and is pretty, but this time in a lovely raspberry color!

My two sons, one of whom you already know as the biker priest <g>, the other shown here modeling his new nose mitten:

Boychec’s nose mitten

served the Divine Liturgy this morning. It was biker chec’s first time flying solo, so to speak, as he has been ‘shadowing’ an experienced server since just before Christmas. He did OK, I think. I have to tell you that it was just an amazing experience to see them both come through the deacon’s door at the Little Entrance…..I think younger had a couple of issues with distraction, and he did tell me afterwards that his feet hurt, but nobody caught themselves or the Church on fire, no one fell off the steps, and no one tripped over his vestments. And I didn’t have an insistent email in my inbox today from the priest, advising me to keep my sons out of the Sanctuary from now on!

Now…..anybody got any tips about how to keep the girlchec from being so fidgety during Church? There are no ants in pants that I can see…..


That’s ByzCat’s Christmas tree….see, the most exciting thing I can think of to do at a Christmas party is to sit around and take pictures with my phone!

Happy New Year, to all my few but fearless readers. Stop back often! And everyone who comments who has a blog or a web page, gets linked as a sort of ‘thanks’ for the input (that is a rather blatant hint for some links back to me, pleeeease?)

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