Snow, again!

Woke up again this morning to find about 3 inches of the cold white stuff lying on the street and everywhere else.  I finally made it outside in a panic at lunch, having spoken to only one of my three scheduled clients for the day (rescheduled her) to shovel and throw a bit of salt for the two I couldn’t reach  by phone.  And they didn’t show.  Grr.  I am seriously thinking I need to have a policy like some doctors, where if you don’t cancel I will chase you for $25 or so to make up for my time, which believe it or not is kind of valuable.

I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of visitors (and comments) on my very first try at Fun Monday, and hope that you nice ladies will stop back and see what’s going on here from time to time.  I am rather lazy, so if you leave me a comment and you have a blog, I will then link to your blog on my blogroll.  Links to me are always gratefully accepted.

I’ve noticed once again that my files are still in the year 2007…..I need new file folders and to transfer all the old stuff to a storage box and get it to the corner in the attic where old papers and receipts go to die.  but I have been busy with work, and schooling, and crochet – I have pictures of the beret which I will post at the bottom of this entry, and filing and organizing are taking a back seat to other, more fun things.

I’m also trying to decide how best to do a little teaching of the checs about the election process, seeing as how this is an election year and all.  Any ideas?  They are bright kids and I’m leaning towards using a wall map of the US and sticking colored dots and other info on the states for primaries, winning candidates, etc.

Now here are the pictures of the beret:Crochet Beret 2

Crochet beret 1

I think I mentioned that I had enough yarn left to do another one but I haven’t started it yet.  Right now I’m doing a shawl for myself and a prayer shawl for my mom.

We’re off in a few minutes to singing practice at Church…..

4 responses to “Snow, again!

  1. Cute little miss girchec just might need a beret of her own, seeing how adorable she looks modeling it!

  2. I’m finally making it around to all of the Fun Monday-ers! I thought I’d stop and say hi. How frustrating to have clients just not show up – I’ve had it happen a time or two. It would be good to charge them, but I’m a Realtor and don’t get paid until the closing – seldom do they NOT show up for THAT! 🙂

  3. You cancel appointments over three inches of snow?

    Is outrage!

    Someone needs to spend a winter or two in the Rust Belt/Snow Belt. After that, you will be looking forward to riding that new bike you got for Christmas in the three inches.

    I thought West Virginians were a hardier breed!


  4. Yes, when the client in question is a bit squeamish about driving in snow, and there is ice under the snow on the street. I want my clients to survive to come back again and again!