Pensieve’s Poetic License – Terza Rima

Intrigued by the prospect of stretching my feeble pea brain a bit, I decided to try the Poetic License this month. I think I was successful, and will probably become a regular participant. This month’s assignment was to write in terza rima, as in Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Our themes were either ‘Beginnings’ or ‘Snackalicious Super Dishes’ – you can read more at our hostess’ blog. See what you think:


I change the outer shell

Of what I think I see –

To make something to tell,

A thing happy, carefree.

But starting over now….

Is it truly still me?

The changes I allow

Are not what most would guess

Or think. You may endow

My words with more, or less

Meaning and depth – you choose!

No matter how you press

For clearer, brighter clues,

You cannot find the strand

That ties up all old news

And tells of what I planned

To start a thousand times.

Ah! Now the flame is fanned;

I change – my soul still pines

For softer, quiet times.


Good? Bad? I like it, but that’s just me. Thanks for reading!

13 responses to “Pensieve’s Poetic License – Terza Rima

  1. N i c e…you want to keep us guessing, eh? I like the way one thought flowed into the next, no one line really completing a thought until the words of the next. I so enjoyed this and can relate to much of what you expressed.

    Thanks for playing along…I’ll add you to my email reminder list (since it’s once a month, not always “easy” to keep up). Next month’s form will be easier, too. It IS a short month, after all!

  2. Oh, I absolutely loved this one! Great job!!! Very eloquent. I very much enjoyed reading yours…


  3. I like this. It is like art, opens the imagination.

  4. I like it too. Very expressive.

  5. I agree with Robin – the flow was very nice. Your words were thoughtful.

  6. Beautiful! Great job!

  7. It’s just me too…cause I thought it was wonderful.

  8. I love it. It made me stop and think.

    Well done.

  9. I’ll join the “well done” chorus. Clever and deep.

  10. very nicely done….

  11. da dum da dum da dum…
    it was perfect – and nicely said as well.


  12. Sorry it took me so long to get here but let me add my congratulations. Your poem speaks to me. Thank you.

  13. Very nice language…I love the introspection and the way you verbally exclude those around you as well as those reading your thoughts. ‘The me nobody knows’ approach. Nice flow.