Happy Anniversary, Fun Monday!

Our assignment this week is “the view” – specifically, the view from our front doors.  So, here’s mine:

The View

One of the limitations of a camera phone is that it only takes nice pictures close up.  You can’t see the ‘skyline’ as clearly as I can when I look out the door…..and in the summertime you can’t even see the house across the street for the leaves on the trees.

Also taken from my fornt porch:

view 2

As you may have guessed I live on top of a hill!

16 responses to “Happy Anniversary, Fun Monday!

  1. I think you have a pretty view with those trees in front of your house and you even have some sun peeping through!

  2. Really lovely. I’d like to see it in the spring!

  3. I like your camera phone pictures. The house peeking through the branches and the porch view are fine pictures.

  4. That tree must help keep your house so cool in the summer! Beautiful picture.

  5. You have a great little porch! Perfect for lazy summer evenings.

  6. My phone pics never turn out this good. One thing blogging will make you do is want a new camera. I speak from experience…

    Yep…I’ve bought new books, a new camera, and probably some other stuff as a result of recommendations :/.

    Your views look lovely, even if they’re from a phone’s eye view :).

  7. I love your trees! It would be great to see a photo in the Spring too! Enjoy….

  8. Nice phone pics!! Love your porch!

  9. The very nice man

    Nice view!! I don’t live on a hill but fortunately Jesus is with me, hill or valley!! Blessings to you!!

  10. I love that first photo…through the trees…very nice!

  11. Sweet! I wish I had a porch with railings and a view from the top like you!

  12. I have to laugh at this because I *still* haven’t figured out how to use my camera phone! I think yours turned out rather nicely

  13. You have a great view being at the top of the hill then!

  14. I hope you always set your brake!!

    I can see enough with the camera phone to get a very good idea of what a lovely view you have.

  15. Great trees!! I like your little porch too!

  16. sorry… have come late to this party (typical).

    i DO like the first photo. it’s lovely really, with the trees and stuff.

    and i agree with robin… keep blogging and pretty soon you will be thinking about a real camera! 😉