I’m thankful….

to have found such a wonderful parish as mine…..I just checked my voice mail and my only message was from one of the other readers at my parish, calling to let me know that she thought I’d done a very nice job with the Epistle on this Sunday past.  I should say first of all that when one is a reader in a Byzantine church one is really a singer…..the Epistle is chanted just as the rest of the Divine Liturgy (we do have a couple of readers who actually read, but I sing).  Second, this past Sunday’s Epistle was one of those that I don’t think you’ll ever hear in a Novus Ordo parish – 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.  I am too lazy to look it up in the NAB to see how the words “prostitute” and “fornicator” are rendered in that translation, but suffice it to say that the former word was in the reading twice, and the latter once.  And I was very nervous about the possibility I might stumble over the words, and cause people to think I was being immature and doing that teenage twittering thing.  So when I listened to my fellow reader’s message on my voice mail, I got a bit misty and am going to do something very nice for her in the near future.  Anonymously, probably.


One response to “I’m thankful….

  1. You did do a great job Epistle chanting…as you always do! Thank you, Holy Spirit!