Laugh with me, please!

Living in a college town means that sometimes one is drawn into that older-teenage/early-twenties “gotta party 24/7” without one’s consent.  Witness the following exchange between me (Sleepy Blogger, or SB) and an unknown guy (Party Guy, or PG) last Friday night, or rather Saturday morning at 3:08 a.m.:

phone:  (sing “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof;  that’s my ringtone)

SB:  hello…..

PG:  Hey!! Is the party still goin’ on at Little Village?  I had something else to do and just now remembered it, so are you guys still over there or what?

SB:  oh, I’m so sorry, but you have the wrong number…..

PG:  Oh, Man!  I’m so embarrassed!  But hey, listen!  Do you wanna party?  We don’t have nothin’ to do and the night’s still young, ya know?  So how about you hook up with us and we can have some good times?

SB:  no, I couldn’t do that, my kids are all asleep and I think I’m too old …..

PG:  We have BEER!!

SB:  I don’t drink…..

PG:  Well, OK but you don’t know what you’re missin’ out on!

Usually I turn off my phone when I go to bed, but it was on that night because I was charging the battery…..needless to say I’ll be charging somewhere else in the future!  I don’t think he ever realized that he was talking to someone old enough to be his mother.

One response to “Laugh with me, please!

  1. That is too funny! Hope you were able to get back to sleep relatively easy after that exchange! Despite my insistence that there is no one living here named “Brittany”…we get a few late night calls every year in search of this missing party girl.