Fun Monday

Angie over at the Lurchers is this week’s hostess, and she gives us the following assignment:

So continuing in the spirit of “being interested in people”, I would like to know, or see, what’s on, in or under your bedside table! So open those draws and bare your soul to us! Is there anything special there that has a story or a memory that you can tell us about? Books that you keep there to delve into from time to time? Trinkets that you don’t know where else to put? Let’s see!

I will give you the boring list, but there’s a picture at the bottom of this post for all you visual folks!

First, the actual bedside stand on the far side of the bed:

On the top shelf: a flexible gooseneck lamp, for reading/crocheting in bed; my journal and a pen for writing down prayer intentions and requests (read over every night before turning off the light, and again in the morning before crawling out from under the covers)

On the lower shelf: a mug warmer for my nightly mug of herbal tea; nail scissors and a cuticle trimmer – sometimes an emery board; a composition book for notes on the reading group book; leather-bound Douay-Rheims Bible; paperback copy of The Way of Divine Love by Sr. Josefa Menendez (reading group book); package of Crayola Twistable Crayons for marking passages in Bible; old journal; the Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary; The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Fr. John Croiset, S.J.; The Deceiver byLivio Fanzaga; They Knew Jesus by George W. Cornell; The Way of A Pilgrim; and a few devotional pamphlets – one on the Sacred Heart, Msgr. Bozyk’s Holy Communion Prayers, a Byzantine booklet of Examen and Confession prayers, and a Sacred Heart holy card.

Then on the dressing table on the other side of the bed:

A carved wooden box, lined in velvet, from Turkey (purchased in Istanbul near Hagia Sophia), containing a Sacred Heart badge, a St. Anthony chaplet w/instructions, a ring Rosary, a St. Jude chaplet, a Precious Blood chaplet w/instructions, a St. Ann chaplet w/instructions, a Crucifixion chaplet, and a miniature Crown of Thorns; generic muscle rub for achy muscles; lavender salve for dry hands & feet; a 100-knot chotki, lemon cuticle cream; an emery board; the tv remote; my alarm clock; and the 4-volume Philokalia with the Master Reference Guide (Philokalia from and the Guide from Light & Life Publications).

Bedside table

Bedside table 2

The white linen dresser scarf is part of a set of three inherited from my great-aunt Edna, and was probably made by her or one of my other great-aunts. The edging is hand-crocheted and is about size 30 thread (one-third the size of the crocheted tablecloths available in stores).

Be sure to visit Angie and from there go around to see everyone else’s bedside stash! Have a wonderful week!

8 responses to “Fun Monday

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  2. Well, you have motivated me to go make a cup of herbal tea and clip my cuticles.

  3. I think this is the first time I’ve ever motivated anyone!

  4. The mug warmer is an excellent gadget! I just wish I ever had the time for tea in bed! The only time I get one of those is on my birthday!

  5. Ah a link hoorah! I did try yesterday~ like the others that mug warmer is fascinating I didn’t know you get such a thing. That would be a good idea for my mother, she has one of those mug flasks she is currently using.

  6. Hello, there you are, and you gave a complete report of what is on your nightstand. A nice cup of hot tea sounds wonderful right now. I should go make a cup even without the mug warmer.

  7. I am so glad the link got fixed. Your reading materials truly ARE inspirational. Your dresser scarf reminds me of some work that my grandma got as a wedding gift.

    Thanks for sharing.

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