Guessing game

I will admit that the person in this photograph is me.  I’d like you to guess where the picture was taken!

myself, mystery location

Hint:  the picture was taken in the late 1980s. I was playing at being a tourist for a weekend (can’t give you any more or I’ll give it away).

C’mon, give it your best shot!


4 responses to “Guessing game

  1. Ok, my guess was that this is what is believed to be the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ephesus (spelling?)…& I hear that my guess is c-l-o-s-e, but no cigar. Do tell…where were you??

  2. Yes, you’re close – in the right part of the world. Let’s wait a couple of days and see if anyone else has any ideas…..I know you’re out there, readers!

  3. I am not up on my travel and tourism in the old country, but since there are no windows and no address on the door, I am guessing middle east. NLM

  4. Middle east is correct, I will allow that the picture was taken in Turkey, but where…..that is the question????