Fun Monday – My “Bucket List”

Tiggerlane, the Neophyte Blogger hosts this week’s Fun Monday. She wants at least 5 things on our personal “bucket list”…..a bucket list comes from the movie of the same name, and is a list of the things you really want to do before you – yep, you guessed it – kick the bucket.

I admit to having a hard time with this assignment.

The very first thing that popped into my mind upon reading the details of the assignment was that I would like to go dancing somewhere – one of those places where everyone is dressed up fancy, men in suit and tie or tuxedo, ladies in evening gowns or nice cocktail dresses, there is a live band playing cool old-fashioned music. I only know how to waltz and polka (neither very well) but I would still like to do that just once.

I’d like to visit a certain courthouse and discover the ‘rest of the story’ of my family tree.

I’d like to visit Rome and have an audience with the Pope, whomever he might happen to be, in order to give him a set of Communion linens I have made.

I really want to go to Ireland!

I’d like to go back to Turkey and take my children with me, for about 3 months; I think that might just be barely long enough to cram in all the stuff I’d want to see (and show them) one more time.

I’m wondering if anyone else has a boring and mundane a list as I – let’s go check out the others’ lists, shall we?

PS.  I will be out today and won’t have time to visit others until later on, but I will come and read your list, I promise!


27 responses to “Fun Monday – My “Bucket List”

  1. Great list. Being a citizen of West Cork, I hope you are able to achieve the visiting Ireland one. (And hope you make it to West Cork, of course :))

    I love the one about dressing up and dancing. When I was in high school, I thought my adult life would be a swirl of black tie charity balls. Not so much.

  2. There are a lot of players that have Ireland on their lists….me included.

    My Fun Monday is posted. I had a good time this week, voicing my opinions on Fun Monday.
    Happy week to you.

  3. This is not boring~ I think an audience with the pope would be very special.

  4. you want to visit the pope and you think that’s boring.. you certainly have more imagination than me…

  5. Not boring at all. Not everyone is going to want to jump out of an airplane. This is a great list that really reflects your intrests and values.

  6. Another one who wants to go to Rome. Maybe we all can charter a plane.

  7. I don’t think your list is boring at all. (Especially since Rome is on mine too!)

  8. Mundane? NO WAY! Having an audience with the Pope is not on my list. I think that is pretty cool.

  9. I love that you not only want to see the Pope, you want to give him a gift. I love your list.

  10. I don’t think your list sounds too boring. I would love to go to Ireland, but I would run far far away from that fancy dance scenario:o)

  11. I don’t know how visitng the Pope could be boring. I don’t go to church at all but I think I’d surely weep if I were to see him. And learning how to dance really good is a great one. I never even thought of that, but I used to LOVE to dance. Hubby doesn’t, so funny how those things get put on the back burner.

  12. I would really love to go to Ireland & Italy, too. Definitely not boring!

  13. Fancy dancing? Heck YEAH! I’m up for that! And I want to travel, too – in fact, there’s quite a few places our participants want to go. Thanks so much for participating!

  14. Not Boring!! interesting especially the court house one!!

  15. I wish I liked dancing. I’m very ungraceful and have no ability to get my groove on.

    I hope you get all of these things in your lifetime!

  16. There is nothing boring here. It all sounds awesome.

  17. I have Ireland on my list too! I also have Italy…traveling is a must for me!

  18. This is not a boring list at all! Not everyone needs to skydive!

  19. i dont think this is a boring list at all!!

    i’m all in favor of traveling and dancing. that’s for sure!

  20. great list!! wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet the Pope??

  21. Great list. Ireland would be nice!

  22. I want to read it when you find the rest of the story on your family tree —

  23. My list is a little boring, but hey…fine as long as it’s what YOU want to accomplish! GL with all of yours. 🙂

  24. what cool list.

    You are signed up for next week.

  25. You should definitely do those first two, and any others you can cram in.

  26. A lot of travelling. I could handle that. I can’t dance, maybe I should learn. I would like to go to Rome too. Thanks for the visit.

  27. Sorry I’m late…it’s been a busy week.

    Interesting things…not boring at all!