Oh, for heaven’s sake…..

I had a brief conversation with someone whose name I do not know yesterday evening, while the checs were at karate…..I had wished the OP a “happy Ash Wednesday” upon observing the vaguely cross-shaped smudge of ashes upon the forehead.  We chatted briefly about my perhaps doing a bit of sewing for the facility for which she works, as she finished her dinner of….an Italian meatball sub from Subway.

I checked my Roman calendar from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and sure enough yesterday WAS a day of abstinence.

Maybe they were tofu meatballs.


2 responses to “Oh, for heaven’s sake…..

  1. Tofu meatballs. Blech. Let’s try fish-balls. …Wait, that sounds gross too. Black bean balls?

  2. Perhaps she went to the local Episcopal Church’s Ash Wed. service, or was with the Church of the Brethren group we saw who were on their way to receive the Catholic sacramental of ashes yesterday? There is a new trend in PROTESTants taking part in traditional Catholic Feast Days honoring the Saints, etc. – there are apparently PROTESTant Rosaries out there…? By the way, I’d also vote for black bean balls over tofu or fish balls.