Pensieve’s Poetic License – English Sonnet

Once again, at the last minute I have managed to pull a poem out of the recesses of my once-creative brain.  I am pretty happy with this one.  Our instructions:

Fourteen lines, that’s all I’m asking.  A simple rhyme scheme:


The first eight lines should develop a thought, with the ninth line (e) marking a turn in your thinking, introducing a surprise twist in theme or imagery.

Do this, and guess what?

You’ve just written an English Sonnet.   It’s.that.simple.

I left my “turn” until line 13, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles at times.  Here’s my contribution:

Ode to a Sweater

Priced out of reach when newly knit,

I heed the thrift store’s silent beck’ning…

Through rack on rack my fingers flit

To purchase with a smaller reck’ning!

With furrowed brow and just one hand

I pick the best from imitations

Hidden amongst the wild, the bland –

Lies beauty, softness – yarn oblations!

How soft, like butter on the skin!

How rich the colors, dark or pale!

I’d buy them time and time again

And glory in a half-price sale.

If kashmir goats became extinct,

I’d freeze to death for sure, I think!

I confess to being hopelessly addicted to cashmere sweaters.  Here is a picture of the objects of my affection, and the source of my cold-weather comfort!  (My black one is in the wash so it’s not in the picture)Sweaters

 All but one of these were purchased at a thrift store.  And the one at the bottom, the creamy white one, is actually a man’s sweater but it’s by far the nicest quality – and the oldest, I think; it was my first “find” and the one that got me hooked.

Now, off you go to see who else has waxed poetic!


7 responses to “Pensieve’s Poetic License – English Sonnet

  1. Nice poem! I left my turn until live 13 too… seemed to build it up more that way… 🙂

  2. How much do I love that you and Brandon are talking “turns”? How much do I love cashmere? How much do I love your bargain finds?

    I think I could’ve written one of these, too!! lol

    Thanks for joining in this month…I’m most impressed with some of your end words–beckoning and imitations aren’t the easiest words to rhyme.

    Well done, and tons of fun, too :).

  3. OOOH, I loved this one. Your last two lines were fantastic!

    I think I forgot my turn all together, so don’t feel too badly! 😉

  4. I loved this. My most favorite cashmere sweater, OK, my only cashmere sweater is also from the men’s department. Not thrift store, but 75% off rack! I love a good bargain and a good poem. Thanks.

  5. Nicely woven. (pun intended). I’ll buy anything on the 75% off rack -but getting Cashmere there – wow.

  6. Nice job! Those sweaters sure look comfy!

  7. I have cashmere slippers. I loved them very much. So did my nephew’s Labradoodle.