I did not make these tracks…..

but we’re having some snow here.Tire tracks

I hope wherever they were going, it was important…..and they got there safely.

It started snowing yesterday – those fine, corn-meal type flakes that have a tendency to congeal into ice if driven upon before being salted/cindered.  It began sticking to the pavement while the checs were in karate last night, and we had quite the adventure coming home.  I guess it snowed all night, and we have about 2 to 3 inches on the ground right now, and the flakes have grown to between nickel- and quarter-size.  It’s pretty, but coming down like gangbusters.

I’m sure glad I went to the store last night.  We’re all stocked up on pyrohi, fish fillets, hot cereal, baked beans and other Lenten legals.

I wonder how that robin I saw the other day is faring?

One response to “I did not make these tracks…..

  1. Show us something warm & springy…bulbs popping forth from the earth…Eli chasing a fat robin…the sun shining through the buds appearing on your tree…the minis planting a garden…!!! :o)