No, I haven’t left the blogosphere….

But I have been neglecting the blog for good reasons.  First of all, I’ve been crazy busy at work.  Then on May 19 I had carpal tunnel release surgery on my right wrist (YAY VA Pittsburgh!) and was totally helpless until the evening of the 21st, after I got the huge bandage off and a more manageable bandaid on.  I was back to work on Thursday of last week, and it’s been non-stop ever since.  I have pictures upon pictures to put up here, but no time to upload them.

A smattering of random thoughts:

On the VA bus going to Pittsburgh for my surgery, we passed a school bus full of middle-school-aged kids, somewhere near Waynesburg, PA.  As we passed the school bus, a few (say, 5 or 6) of the boys on the bus looked out the window and saw us passing, whereupon they began pointing, laughing, and making a certain offensive hand gesture.  I was cringing inside.  I’m not a combat vet, but most of my fellow passengers on the bus were – a couple who may have been in on the end of WWII, several Korean War vets, and some Vietnam veterans as well.  It burns me to no end that a generation of children is growing up learning to mock the men and women who served and fought to make (and keep) this country free.  My kids, the checs, know to stand up and put their right hand over their heart when the flag passes in a parade, and to stand when they hear the National Anthem.  I was overjoyed when a Congressional Resolution was passed last year to permit veterans to salute the flag just as uniformed personnel do – I felt really weird all these years NOT saluting.

I’m going to be a godmother!  My godchild, the latest addition to the ByzCat clan, is arriving shortly after lunchtime on Monday June 2, and I have a mostly-finished sweater and hat (that only needs a border of the appropriate color, which I can’t do until I find out whether I have a godson or a goddaughter)!  I could go on and on about how awed I am that ByzCat and Mr. ByzCat found me a suitable choice for this baby’s godmother – but I’ll just say that I’m pleased as punch that they chose me.  It’s an awesome responsibility and I hope I can always be worthy of the trust they have placed in me.  Thanks, ByzCat.

My house is a disaster.  What with work, the surgery, and other things, I have been pushing the mess around to different rooms and it is just about at a critical mass.  Soon the dust bunnies will begin reproducing and then we’ll REALLY be in trouble.

I am a glutton for punishment.  About an hour ago I made a fitting appointment with a young lady about a bridesmaid dress….I gave her an extremely ball-park estimate (because, obviously, I can’t see the dress from here), and she just called me back to say she needs to cancel her appointment because her husband won’t give her the money to pay to have the dress altered (which, if she is being honest with me, is not wearable at all the way it is).  I told her to come for her appointment anyway.  People who knew me back in my most recent previous life know that economic abuse is a very sore point for me.  So if you’re reading this, say a little prayer for KH, who sounds like she needs them.

Oh, I got the garden in – basil, eggplant, brussels sprouts, and potatoes.  Plus an heirloom tomato given to me by a customer (I’m beginning to do business like those old-fashioned doctors who took chickens in payment for house calls).  I have TWENTY-THREE basil plants.  I will have pesto this summer, and I will never run out.  I will be so healthy from all the basil and garlic I will eat that I will never catch another cold.  Oh, and I also have a crown of rhubarb, and three raspberry briers that were a gift from my mom.

Hand itching, so I’m going to stop now.  Pictures coming, and also some more coherent posts, I promise (I type that like I have more than two people who read this blog – NOT).

Pray for me, because I pray for you every day.

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