As I write this, there are a whole bunch of college girls attempting to change a flat tire – in MY driveway.  Seems they were already a bit happy when they arrived at the house next door for the evening’s entertainment, and instead of parking on the street like normal people would do, they chose to run across the metal grating at the end of my driveway, through the driveway and into the yard next door.  Upon realizing that they now had a flat tire, they pulled back onto my driveway and proceeded to collect fresh beers and flashlights and try to do the job.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in a college town.  My neighborhood, when we first moved in, was probably 80% – 90% owner-occupied houses; now it’s down to something like 70%.  Rental housing is at a premium here, with houses (even when they haven’t been chopped up into tiny apartments) going for $300 – $400 per bedroom.

The thing about this that gripes me the most is that this will now go on all summer…..teenage kids drinking and whooping it up until all hours of the night, turning the air blue with swear words, etc.  Last year there was an entire week when I couldn’t let my kids go out in the street in the front of our house, because someone had written a whole bunch of offensive, suggestive things in sidewalk chalk in the street and I had to wait for the rain to wash it away.

They throw their beer cans in my yard, their cats run loose in the neighborhood (and poop in my garden and flower beds, yuk), they cuss and carry on.  Yes, I pray for them, and their parents.  I pray that these kids come to their senses before they are handed a diploma and are unleashed upon the unsuspecting world.

What can one do?  Pray, try to set a good example, and make sure that I and the checs are never the cause of irritation to them.  Although if I won the lottery, the third thing I would do with the money is buy the house next door.

In totally unrelated news, I got the stitches out of my hand today, after the wonderful adventure of driving to the Pittsburgh VA all by myself, Fort Pitt Tunnels and all.  Oakland is a mess, and I took a wrong turn and ended up in Schenley Farms for a few minutes but I managed to get to the hospital by some brilliant seat-of-the-pants navigating. Thank you, Army map training.  Upon my return home, I decided to stop by my local yarn store (LYS), the Needlecraft Barn, as I have been reading about these dreamy yarns on the Internet and Ravelry in particular, and wanted to feel and see some for myself.  OOH, Silk Garden, as soon as I can afford you, I am knitting that Clapotis pattern that everyone raves about (if I can drop stitches by accident I am sure I can manage to do it on purpose, lol).  And mohair!  Alpaca (and baby alpaca)…..Shetland wool, bamboo, more silk, cotton, and tape yarn I have decided I have not much desire to work with.

And did I mention I’m a Godmother?  Little Godchec (his parents being hopeful transfers like me) was born on Monday afternoon.  He’s just gorgeous (if his mom and dad say OK I’ll post a pic).

Well, I feel much better now that I have gotten that out of my system so I will shut up now.  Nitey-nite!

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