I have a new hand.

I wrote a little while ago about having carpal tunnel release surgery on May 19.  I had the stitches out on June 6 and although I’m a bit tender (and a little peely where the stitches were), I’m doing GREAT.  It’s so unbelievably nice not to have one’s fingers go numb in the middle of sewing beads upon an evening gown!!  I didn’t realize how much it had slowed me down until after the surgery.

I’ve taken up knitting rather than crocheting, and to save myself the trouble of uploading pictures multiple times I have opened a page on Flickr, which can be accessed by clicking the link in the sidebar.  There are pictures of lots of things on there, and more to come as I get them scanned into the computer.  The ones there now are all phone pics, and it’s easy to do those, but the ones taken with my 35mm have to be developed, scanned, edited and then uploaded which is a royal time-consuming pain.

I decided to switch from crochet to knitting because I’d gotten to the point that crochet was kind of boring, and after 35 years it should have been, yes?  And my mom told me that my aunt, who was a knitting whiz, knitted a pair of argyle socks as her very first project, so I figured if she could knit so could I.  I have a page on Ravelry where you can look at the stuff I am working on, stuff I’d like to do, and stuff I plan to knit next.  Lots of clicking back and forth, but it just saves time if I can click from one thing to another without having to upload things more than once.  What can I say, I’m a bit lazy.

Right now I have two projects in the works – a little ribbed shrug, and a sock.  Yes, a sock.  I don’t know if this sock will eventually have a partner, because I am just learning about sock knitting.  Evidently there are all kinds of specialty knitters out there – socks, scarves, sweaters, Fair Isle, Intarsia, you name it.  I’d like to be kind of a knitter-of-all-trades…..so I’m adding one new technique at a time and learning as I go.

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