An interesting day….

I found another four-leaf clover this afternoon, while on an ice-water break from doing yard work.  I finally pruned the rhododendron, as it hadn’t been pruned in 2 years and was nearly blocking my walkway.  I was pretty severe about it, and when I’d finished I realized that I needed to rake up all the dead leaves that had accumulated there.  And what did I find under those leaves but a salamander of some sort!

Handy that I don’t go anywhere without the ol’ camera phone, yes?  Older boychec was going to capture it but it got away.  We also saw a bunch of voles under the rosebushes.

I harvested enough basil to make two cups of pesto (with no parsley – keeps the checs from eating it, heh).

I got Bingo for the first time in my life at our parish picnic after Divine Liturgy today!

I started the second skein of yarn on my little shrug, and am back to work on the sock, which now looks like this:

Now I just have to go around and around until I get ready to do the toes.  Then I will do another one, because this one is too cute not to have a match!  And then it’s on to baby socks, boot socks, and socks on wee tiny needles with real sock yarn!

Also today I cut some more chamomile and hung it up to dry to make tea with, and older boychec and I weeded the garden ( silly maple and mimosa seeds!)

Now I’m off to scrub the last of the shreds of grass off my legs and go to bed, because I think I’m about played out for today.


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