Rain, rain, go away….

It isn’t raining as I write this, but it has rained twice today.  Once to the point where the power went out briefly.  I’d like to have a dry weekend so we could go camping with our new tent.

Every time I turn on my computer in the morning, this blog enters my mind and I think “I should write a post about why I cover my head in Church.”  Then I think, I really don’t want to bore people with that….it’s quite a sticky issue to some people, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to say all ladies ought to cover their heads in Church.  So, suffice it to say that I do, whether at Divine Liturgy, the Ordinary Form (the Mass formerly known as the Novus Ordo), the Extraordinary From (nee’ Tridentine Latin Mass), or even occasionally an Orthodox Divine Liturgy, cover my head with a thing I call my “mantibushka”.  It’s a semicircular piece of black heavy tulle trimmed in lace, like a mantilla, but it snaps at the nape of my neck like one would tie a babushka.  Because it’s the same Jesus, wherever He is validly confected in the Eucharist.

OK then, that’s out of the way.

Really cool websites that aren’t yet linked on my sidebar – how about Recipezaar, Chore Wars, and Ravelry.

Recipezaar:  only the mostest wonderful cookbook and recipe website ever….the checs and I have been doing these monthly International Menu Nights, and I’ve been getting recipes from the different continents and serving a dinner.  Tonight was Europe, and we had Norwegian Chicken and Dried Fruit, Dutch Red Cabbage, and Austrian Bread Pudding with Apples.  Yum, yum.  Geography class, and you get to eat the lesson, how cool is that?  Next we have Antarctica, then Australia, then we’re going to choose individual countries’ foods to try.

Chore Wars:  earn adventure points for doing the stuff you do every day around the house, kind of like a role-playing game.

Ravelry:  “A knit and crochet community” that also includes spinners, weavers and dyers.  Places to organize your projects, pictures, yarn stash, hooks/needles, a queue of stuff you’d like to do, and message boards and groups for all sorts of people and interests, even people like me who are Irish-dancing, homeschooling, “Orthodox-in-union-with-the-Pope”, small-dog-owning, cat-free, possessed of very curly hair, a bit on the crunchy side, way on the conservative side, non-swatching knitters.  Right now it’s by invite only, but if you’re a crafter who’s been under a rock and therefore hasn’t signed up for your invite, pop on over to the site and sign up.

So, how’s the summer going?  I’ve got blooms on my eggplant, and the brussels sprouts are coming along as well.  I’ll make another big batch of pesto tomorrow (thanks ByzCat for the baggie of pine nuts, yum yum!)

I’m determined I’m going to finish my very first pair of socks tonight.  I am starting the decreases for the toe of sock #2, so I just have that to do and then the grafting (argh!) and I will have a nice hand-knitted pair of bed socks for this coming winter. Are you doing anything with your hands?


One response to “Rain, rain, go away….

  1. Hi. Have a question for you:
    Is your head covering something you developed? I was born in ’63 so I can remember the mantillas, plus some women at a pilgrim site we “frequent” wear them, but I’m unfamiliar w/your mantibushka.
    By the way, even though I haven’t felt the desire to wear a head covering in church, I think it is beautiful that you are doing as you feel called to do in Our Lord’s presence. Peace. ~~~mary
    P.S. Have fun camping!