Odd fruit of the week

Although I probably won’t purposely shop at the store where this was purchased very often due to the ridiculously high prices on staple items, we couldn’t resist this:

It’s called a Rambutan, and it’s a fruit related to the lychee. It is dark red and has little spiny things all over the outside, that are brushlike rather than prickly. After consulting the internet about how to eat the thing, we did this:

The rind comes off very easily. It reminded older boychec of a grape, taste-wise. I thought it tasted like a slippery apricot, only not as sweet. There is a pit in the middle that is like an almond:

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, on the way home from the store, just as we turned into our neighborhood from the main road, we saw, in someone’s yard:

I stopped the car, whipped out the trusty camera phone, and clicked this pic. As we were going on again, I noticed that there was someone behind us; I feel a teensy bit bad about holding up their progress to snap pictures out the window of the car, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Hope everyone had a wonderful, if soggy, Independence Day – we had hamburgers and hot dogs cooked out on the grill (which moved to the porch due to the rain), and tonight if the rain holds off we’re having Antarctica Night in our International Menu World Tour.


One response to “Odd fruit of the week

  1. You have a more adventuresome palate than I… that fruit looks like a hairy eyeball when peeled! Ack! ;oP