Don’t blink…..

The first time I saw this, all I saw was the butterfly. Probably because I really like butterflies, and when I was doing bookkeeping for a living, a butterfly was part of my business logo. Then I got to really looking at the image, and that got me to thinking, and that got me to finally get my fingers over here to the blog and start typing. Here’s what I have to say, for what it’s worth:

Don’t blink.  You might miss the good stuff.  The stuff that will make you smile when everything seems to be a physical example of the principles of Murphy’s Law.  The stuff that makes you laugh until tears run down your face, you have to go blow your nose, and your face hurts when you finally manage to get over the attack of hilarity.  The stuff that everyone agrees is good stuff – ice cream, your kid tying his shoe for the first time, a double rainbow, that car that waves to let you out when behind that driver are umpty-billion cars impatiently beeping and honking.  The doctor who sees you on time, the mechanic who says ‘no problems today, you’re all ready to go, just be sure you get your gas cap screwed on tightly in the future’.

But if you blink, you might miss other stuff too.

Stuff that most people would probably say ‘I’d rather blink, thanks’

The days when nothing goes right, but you’re still breathing at the end of it all, and you realize that there’s always tomorrow.  The discovery that you’ve been driving a car with a blown head gasket for a solid year, and look at all the places you went and the things you did.  The noise from the late-night party next door that makes you go outside to glare across the property line yet again, only to look up and see a million stars twinkling in the sky.  The rain, for the gazillionth day in a row…..that washes all the debris from the curb by your house and so enables you to avoid sweeping it up.  The snide comments from so-called friends about (insert name of rather unpopular decision here), that makes you look back and see that you really aren’t a spineless wimp, but a person of principle.

So don’t blink.  You might miss it.

3 responses to “Don’t blink…..

  1. Really makes you stop and think about the little things in life that we take for granted.

  2. Angela (aka mkvral)

    I love this. You are so right about the little things in life being so important. And its so easy to get caught up with the stresses of life to ‘blink’ and miss all the wonderful things that happen every single day all around you.

  3. Lovely! I’ve never seen a double rainbow in all my days. Must have blinked too many times. I’ll keep my eye out for one now!