I’m still here!

I was working on getting my other blog up and running and decided it wasn’t too much more effort to pop over here and update.

It’s Great Lent, as you’re probably aware, and boyoboy is there a lot to do penance about nowadays!  My prayer list grows longer with every passing day; one person I pray for specifically every day is the VPOTUS Mr. Joe Biden.  Pray with me that he will have a true conversion of heart and wake up to the fact that being Catholic isn’t just part of one’s identity, is IS one’s identity.  He and Speaker Pelosi have done more, in my opinion, to foster distrust and misunderstanding of the Catholic Church in recent times than anyone else I could name, including that censured European SSPX Bishop.  He expressed a personal opinion (although he should not have been so public about it, I think), while VP Biden and Speaker Pelosi have deliberately and methodically mis-stated and perverted definitive de fide Church teaching to conform with the pro-death platform of the Democrats.

Enough politics…..I could stay on that soapbox forever but this isn’t really a political blog.

The day before Clean Monday we had our 2nd annual “Fat Sunday” gathering here, and it was a great success.  Lots of good non-Lent food and munchies, fellowship, and we closed the evening with Second Vespers from the Divine Office.  This year’s attendance was 28, the same as last year, but we had some new folks from out of town and a couple of families had sick family members and had to send regrets.  Our priest even stopped by for a bit and seemed to enjoy himself.

I’ll post the link to the other blog as soon as I have some more substance to it; there’s not much to see there at the moment.


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