My mother begged me to blog this.

First, the backstory.  A couple of weeks ago, having discovered that one of my clients is a Realtor, mom and I made arrangements to take a look at a house across the street from us that’s for sale, and currently occupied by three college boys.  What an educational experience, to say the least.  Water standing in the basement, electrical service inadequate for what we perceive as a pretty heavy load in midsummer when you’d have the a/c on and also be trying to cook dinner on the electric stove, access to the attic blocked by a drop ceiling in the one bathroom; tiny closets; no GFCI outlets in the kitchen, elderly hot water tank…….and priced in the 6 figures.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the ASBESTOS siding, the oven door falling off,  the total lack of a bathtub, the rain gutter falling off the front of the house, the back porch in total disrepair, and no off-street parking.

SO…….we were chatting last night on the phone and conversation turned to real estate prices and the fact that we feel things locally are WAY OVERPRICED.  She wondered out loud whether it would be possible to get anything at all habitable below $100K and I said probably not anywhere that wasn’t completely isolated, then got on a roll and suggested that probably –

“You won’t believe you’re only 20 minutes from town!” (up a winding twisty partially-paved road at the outer limits of the county, where the weather is more like Canada than West Virginia), there is a “charming older mobile home” (12′ x 60′ trailer without underpinning, indoor plumbing or electricity) “situated on rugged lansdscape abutting virgin timber”  (on a quarter-acre that is half rocks and the other half straight up a forested hill populated by all manner of wildlife including BEARS)……”breathtaking view in all directions” (but the owners have built on a lovely deck), “easy access to food” (and the shotgun will convey).  $80K.’

She says I speak Realtor.

One response to “My mother begged me to blog this.

  1. We just cleaned out my husband’s aunt’s house because it sold. It was built in the 50’s, had some wallpaper upgrades but was generally really old. It sold for around 200K. It is crazy. I kind of think it might balance out a little more with the poor economy.