I’m speechless.

I am unable to think of any possible, rational reason why there would be a screening of the movie “Milk” on the premises of a Catholic parish.  However, I am able to think of several disgusting, irrational reasons – the most obvious of which being that, said parish being the one that serves the local university students, this was a (very) misguided attempt to ‘mentor’ or ‘validate’ a group of students whose struggles with sexual identity are naturally at odds with their Catholic faith.

Lest you think I jest, have a look at the online bulletin for this parish; go to page 2 and check out the box on the right-hand side, it’s the second event listed for Monday, March 29.  Click here for the pdf bulletin.

Charity prevents me from commenting further; although you, dear reader, are welcome to speculate at will in the comments.

3 responses to “I’m speechless.

  1. Sadly, I don’t think it is just students at that parish who are looking for “validation”…you know the rest of the story…That parish has a l-o-n-g history of this kind of thing.

  2. I think you’re right! In fact, it’s entirely possible that the festering rot that infects every Roman Rite parish in the county got its start at this parish. Sad.

  3. Nice to meet another local blogger. That was my former parish, our family actually left right before that post – we now attend outside the county. I pray for them a lot that they will get things straightened out, and in the spirit of charity I would have to say that the priest who led that was moved by the Bishop and does have some serious mental health problems, according to everything people have said. It was really a very sad thing all around.