Spring is Bustin’ Out All Over

What’s poking up out of the ground where you live?  The tulips have been up for a while here, and I noticed several buds earlier today.  The mint – all three kinds – in the tulip bed has come up, and the iris and columbine that border one side of my driveway are greening up nicely.  At the corner by the street I’ve got pretty yellow daffodils, and one of the raspberry brambles has sprouted a new cane.

The wild rose has leaves; the rhubarb has leaves the size of salad plates; and all of my perennial herbs except the rosemary – that would be thyme, oregano, parsley, sage, chives and lavender – have new growth.

I’m going to have to cut my grass soon, but first I’m going to make some MacGyver-ized lawn aerators for my kids to stomp around with, to poke holes in the sod and hopefully improve the health of my grass a bit.  Here’s what I’m going to do:

Cut a pair of thin boards (I’m going to use leftover pine floorboards, but any easily-sawn thin lumber would do OK) each a couple of inches longer than the shoes of the person who will be using the aerators.  Use a skinny bit and drill several holes right through the boards; these are the pilot holes so the nails don’t split the lumber.  (From five to eight per board, depending on the size of the board) Then drive regular old sinkers, 10- or 12-penny size, through the pilot holes out the bottom of the board.  To use, tie the boards securely but not too snugly to the shoe, and stomp around your yard with abandon.

So there you have it – the garden report and an easy way to aerate your lawn for spring.  I’ll post pictures soon.

One response to “Spring is Bustin’ Out All Over

  1. Aerate your lawn with care & at your own risk…I think some loony EU country recently declared that plants have “rights”…& might you be infringing on those “rights” be aerating your lawn in such a manner…??? Nuts. St. Fiacre, pray for us!
    We’ll get the tiller over as soon as the busted handle is repaired.