A bit peeved by this.

Occasionally, as a supplement to (or a replacement for) whatever is in the checs’ science textbooks, we watch some of the nature programs on PBS, such as “Wild Chronicles”, “Nature”, etc. Over the past few weeks I have come to the conclusion that these shows aggravate me just a bit. Sometimes the program highlights an animal that is endangered and the things that are being done to restore the population in the wild – captive breeding, relocation efforts, etc. I would be interested to know two things about the people who work so tirelessly on these projects. First, are these people professing to be Christians in their private lives, and second, how do they feel about human life issues – specifically abortion and contraception. It is just so sad to read about the astronomical sums of money being spent by the supporters of the culture of death to advance the cause of abortion of human babies, while simultaneously there is also a pile of money being thrown at people who raise money to buy an island so that chimpanzees can live there after their release from research laboratories.
Last night there was a program about Keiko, the killer whale who was rescued from a water park and rehabilitated, then released into the ocean. According to the narrative, Keiko never did have a 100% “wild” life with other killer whales. He was released in the western North Atlantic and did journey across to Norway, but chose to live out his days in a fish-less fjord – being fed and petted by children and adults for a few years until he died of a virus. Seems to me he had no real ‘quality of life’ as a killer whale. But he was deserving of hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, equipment, etc. while a human baby who survives an attempted abortion is just thrown into a trash bin to die alone?
Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. But I believe that humans are created in God’s image and that animals were created for our use, and to ascribe a higher order to them is perverting the intent of God and playing with stuff we have no call to play with.

I have another little rant, about prom dresses and First Holy Communion, but I’ll save that for later.


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