I’m learning…..

to spin yarn on a handspindle.  I’m using one I made myself out of a dowel and toy wheel from Michaels and a cup hook from the hardware store.

The dark brown “yarn” at the top of the picture is about a half ounce of Blue Faced Leicester roving that was gifted to me by an internet friend.  The yarn on the spindle is variegated Jacob roving purchased at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend (picture-laden post coming).  I was at first drafting with my left hand and controlling the spindle with my right; after watching a couple of Youtube videos I decided to try switching hands and that has worked out better.   My initial effort varied between worsted and super-bulky after I plied it back on itself; the Jacob is better but still inconsistent; it goes from heavy fingering to worsted.  My goal is to get consistent fingering-weight singles.

And yes, I remember that I promised a rant about First Holy Communion and Prom.  Next post, I promise.


2 responses to “I’m learning…..

  1. Susan Peterson

    A much delayed promise! Like your blog; hope there will be more of it.
    Of course I can’t really talk as I have a blog that I haven’t dared tell anyone about because there isn’t much there, and so why go there, because no one knows about it…
    I am another Catholic who has moved Eastward but stayed Catholic.
    My hardly visited blog is EULOGOS and I am also on Facebook. My email is eulogossusanatgmaildotcom or for Facebook eulogosatstnydotrrdotcom , if you are inclined to get in touch with me.
    In Christ,
    Susan Peterson

  2. Susan Peterson

    I have been reading backwards; you were posting so often and then stopped suddenly. Did something happen?
    I just said a prayer for you, just in case.