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The Obligatory Tea Party Post

Last Wednesday, after a trip to the bank to deposit the monetary fruits of my tailoring labor and a trip to the post office to render unto Caesar the taxes on those fruits, the checs and I found a parking spot, grabbed our signs (covered with plastic to prevent sogginess, as it was a very rainy day here) and appeared on our courthouse plaza for a Tax Day Tea Party, in protest of the ridiculous power-grab currently being orchestrated by our government.

Despite the rain, it was a well-attended gathering and there were people there of all ages and walks of life, from grandparents to little kids, business owners to passers-by.  The checs’ signs were photographed by many in attendance, including the local NBC affiliate’s reporter.


I’m still here!

I was working on getting my other blog up and running and decided it wasn’t too much more effort to pop over here and update.

It’s Great Lent, as you’re probably aware, and boyoboy is there a lot to do penance about nowadays!  My prayer list grows longer with every passing day; one person I pray for specifically every day is the VPOTUS Mr. Joe Biden.  Pray with me that he will have a true conversion of heart and wake up to the fact that being Catholic isn’t just part of one’s identity, is IS one’s identity.  He and Speaker Pelosi have done more, in my opinion, to foster distrust and misunderstanding of the Catholic Church in recent times than anyone else I could name, including that censured European SSPX Bishop.  He expressed a personal opinion (although he should not have been so public about it, I think), while VP Biden and Speaker Pelosi have deliberately and methodically mis-stated and perverted definitive de fide Church teaching to conform with the pro-death platform of the Democrats.

Enough politics…..I could stay on that soapbox forever but this isn’t really a political blog.

The day before Clean Monday we had our 2nd annual “Fat Sunday” gathering here, and it was a great success.  Lots of good non-Lent food and munchies, fellowship, and we closed the evening with Second Vespers from the Divine Office.  This year’s attendance was 28, the same as last year, but we had some new folks from out of town and a couple of families had sick family members and had to send regrets.  Our priest even stopped by for a bit and seemed to enjoy himself.

I’ll post the link to the other blog as soon as I have some more substance to it; there’s not much to see there at the moment.

The Spider Who Loved Me

Last weekend the checs and I were out running errands, just your usual grocery store, craft store, big-box cheapie retailer midmorning trip.  We left the craft store and headed out on the interstate to blow the dust out of the injectors on the Subaru… I moved my hand up on the steering wheel to turn off the turn signal after merging into the traffic lane, I saw something brown on my hand out of the corner of my eye.

ACK!  A spider!!!!  I shrieked and shook my hand, which caused the spider to flop over onto the little rubber weatherstripping at the bottom of my window.  Now I’m explaining to the checs the reason for the sudden Miss Muffett impression, while simultaneously watching the road AND the spider.

I passed a bank lollipop to younger boychec in the seat directly behind me, asking him, when I rolled down the window, to please poke the spider out the window with the stick of the lollipop.  He agreed, and I pushed the ‘down’ button and told him “OK, now poke the spider out the window PLEASE!!!”

He poked.  The spider, injured by now and completely uncooperative, took a desperate leap in an attempt to salvage what remaining minutes remained of its life, and disappeared……


OK, so now my hand is out of danger, but there is a spider in my seat and we are barrelling down I-68, between exits so there is no place to go except on to big-box cheapie retailer.  I’m driving with one side of me up off the seat (not because I care to preserve the spider, but because I don’t want to sit down on something that might BITE me).

Two green lights (whew!) later, we turn into the parking lot and everybody piles out of the car, whereupon younger boychec hollers triumphantly “MOM!  The spider is on your pocket!”  Sure enough, there it is, sitting on my jeans pocket for all the world like it belonged there.  I got a paper towel out of the door storage, handed it to the previously mentioned spider-removal boychec, and asked him to pinch up the spider into the paper towel so we could get rid of it.

He did, and then promptly…..

Thrust the spider-enveloping paper towel at his sister, who then shrieked like the heroine in a B-movie and burst into tears.  I sternly instructed Spider-Boy to give me the paper.  He shook it in my direction, causing ME to shriek again, and the spider fell out of the paper towel.

Onto my shoe.

I shook it off onto the pavement and squished it.  We all took a deep breath, I dried girlchec’s tears, and we proceeded to go into the store.

I swear I am NOT making this up.

The newest boychec

Here’s my gorgeous little Godson, child of Mr. and Mrs. ByzCat (one of my three regular readers, lol).

ByzCat\'s latest blessing from GodOops, forgot to send the pic through my editor to brighten it up a bit first.  Silly phone without a flash.

Don’t you believe it!

This morning was our monthly Catholic Homeschoolers’ meeting.  It was rather nasty and gloomy this morning – we had freezing rain when I got up, but by the time we had to leave the house it had warmed up a bit and was just plain old rain, but accompanied by a rather gusty wind.

I got out of the car, sent the checs inside except for older boychec whom I needed to hold the umbrella while I got our t-shirts (made by me, photos coming) out of the way-back and into my arms for delivery.  When we turned around to go into the church where we have our meetings, a strong gust of wind chose that moment to  do this:umbrella

I should add that the umbrella in question is one of those with a double canopy, that is supposedly guaranteed not to turn inside out.  HA!  I’m sure that this is a one-in-a-million thing, but how fortunate that (a) I had the foresight to take a picture of it, (b) I just happen to have a blog on which to share it with my 4 or 5 loyal readers, and (c) the picture turned out so that you can tell it’s a windblown umbrella!

I did manage to get the silly thing turned right side out and folded up properly, and decided not to risk having it happen again today.  So we just got rained on after the meeting.

So there you have just about the most exciting thing that happened to me today.  BTW I have surfed most of the blogs in my blogroll and almost without exception they have had much more fascinating things to say so you should go read some of them now.

Never a dull moment

This morning I gave the checs each a vitamin.  No particular reason, they just all seemed to want to be like younger chec and me and take a pill (he takes medicine for asthma and I take vitamins and an herbal capsule).

Younger boychec put his vitamin up his nose.

Thankfully, he was able to blow it out into a tissue.

Are we sure it’s not Monday?

Just one more thing…..

I’ve been working on the blog this evening, and the checs have been occupying themselves…..I think they have been playing church.  Why do I think this?  Because from upstairs, not very loudly but very clearly, I can hear them all singing “Mnohaja L’ita”.  First in English, then

in Slavonic.  Every word correct.

I love it when they surprise me like that!  Mnohaja blahaja l’ita, indeed!!