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Let me know what you think.

The vast majority (heheh) of voters indicated that they will read whatever I post, so I will endeavor to entertain you with some regularity.


I wonder….

upon which planet the reader Matt has been residing…..yes, there are Roman bishops permitting, yes, even encouraging, diaphanously-clad females prancing about the sanctuary and nave during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I envy you your obviously wonderful and rubrically correct parish and diocese.  Now tell my other readers where it is so the Romans who don’t feel called to the Eastern Churches can move there!

(Everyone laugh now)


His Excellency’s Fan ClubI said the checs were big fans of holy men in fancy vestments.

Here they are with Metroplitan Archbishop Basil following the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at the 2007 OLPH Pilgrimage in Uniontown.

I’d type more but the carpal tunnel is killing me.

Look at this!

The Nave

This is a view down the aisle of the model church that the checs built this summer, out of an office storage box, popsicle sticks, Sculpey, toothpicks and other assorted items.

The Ceiling

Here’s the ceiling.

Interior #1 And this is the interior, looking towards the East. If you like, you can hop over to

and see the real church.

Here are two more views of the interior, showing the icons on the walls and other neat features:

Interior #2Interior #3

The music there at the edge of the cantor’s balcony is actually the sheet music for a setting of the Cherubic Hymn, shrunk very small. The iconostasis includes all the icons that we have, and the icons on the walls are the same as the ones in the real church. The tetrapod is a dollhouse end table; the Holy Tables are medicine boxes. The roof even has an onion dome made from a section of egg carton, complete with two Three-Barred Crosses (made of twisties), one on the dome and the other over the Sanctuary.

By the way, the checs got an A+, and it’s currently on display at church for our annual Slavic Food Fest.

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

R.I.P. Mercy Clare

Some dogs just have issues that you can’t love out of existence.  We miss her.

Appropriate Attire for Church?

Recently I glimpsed an altar boy prior to his vesting for Divine Liturgy……he wore a t-shirt with a reference to the children’s game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”except the ‘scissors’ part was replaced with reference to a bodily function – the one experienced when a person consumes too many beans.  Definitely comes under the category ‘not appropriate for church’, as do tank tops, spaghetti straps, miniskirts, shorts, and for the checs, any sort of clothing with writing or pictures/logos (Izod is OK, Nike is not).  I used to make the boychecs wear shirts with collars to Divine Liturgy, but the whining and weeping and wailing was awful to hear so now they just have to be plain shirts.  I wish I could say that I always wear a skirt or dress to church but several weeks during the Great Fast I wound up at Presanctified Liturgy in jeans because of the mad scramble to get out the door left me no time to change my clothes.  Same for covering my head in church – although I have begun crocheting some snoods and bun covers which do the trick, satisfy my nagging thought that I ought to show more respect for Him than I do, and don’t make me look like either a Mennonite/Amish or a nun in civvies.

In completely unrelated news, the checs and I have adopted a dog (would she be the pec – pet of Eastern Catholic – or the dec – dog of Eastern Catholic?).  Her name is now Mercy Clare, she is a 4 year old Boxer/Shepherd mix rescued from the pound.  She has her very own opinions about whom she likes and dislikes, and absolutely despises our postal carrier.  she was abused in her former life but is blossoming as a member of our family.

An Explanation….

I had a request from Carolina Cannonball about how I managed to cook breakfast for not one, but two famous people (when I am decidedly NOT famous myself).  So here’s the way it happened:

My first duty station in the Army was Fort Ord, California….at the time that Mr. Eastwood was mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea.  One of the things that our unit’s cooks did (yes, I confess, I was a ‘spoon’) was do the cooking for the annual Kiwanis Club’s Pancake Breakfast in Monterey.  Mr. Eastwood was, of course, one of the honored guests.  I happened to be running the grill at the time he came through the line for his breakfast.  I did get to shake his hand and tell him I am a fan.

We cooks also had the responsibility for cooking and serving breakfast to visiting VIPs at Fort Ord.  A few months after the Mr. Eastwood incident (that sounds rather like a Robert Ludlum title, doesn’t it?), Mr. Clancy was the guest of the then-post commander, BG William Harrison.  I happened to get the luck of the draw to be the ‘waitress’ who actually went out to the dining room of the VIP quarters with the plates of food, filled coffee cups, etc.  On my second pass through the room with the pot, Mr. Clancy invited me and my fellow cook to come out and have a cup with him, his publicist, BG Harrison and the general’s aide.  (Mr. Clancy was in the process of researching his book “The Sum of All Fears”, some of the characters in which are based on real people whom I knew at Fort Ord).

I also was once at a stop light in Monterey next to Doris Day, and I have eaten at Mr. Eastwood’s restaurant in Carmel, the  Hog’s Breath Inn.

So there you have it.